• Did you know over 95% of people search online before going into a high street office? • We offer the best of both worlds – a local, personal service with nationwide back-up. • Combining the best of the high street with the best of online. • We’ve saved our clients over £967,450 in typical high street fees.


How can Right Estate Agents offer such low prices?

Quite simply our business model is different to the typical high street chain. All our branches across the UK are owned and run by the management team, which means it is really important for us to do a really good job.

We do not work from an expensive high street premises (after all 95% people go to the property portals first) so we can pass the savings onto our customers in the form of offer a low fixed fee. We believe this to be much fairer.

Why choose us rather than a well known high street brand?

It seems simple but the art of communicating is extremely important in this business. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail. 

How quickly do you solve maintenance/repair problems at properties?

As soon as an issue is raised within 24 hours we will resolve to find a solution (even on weekends!) 

Will my Agent keep my money safe?

We always subscribe to Government regulations & guidelines, so as such you can be confident you money is ALWAYS accounted for.

What checks are carried out to ensure I am getting a good tenant?

We take into account Landlords wishes and concerns when searching for tenants.We aren’t afraid to dig deep because we understand the last thing a Landlord wants is problems with a tenant (and neither do we).

As a Landlord I always find I am speaking to different people/ passed around all the time at previous Agencies. What makes you different?

We make the time to focus on each individual Landlord and ensure they are receiving constant communication and that every need is met.  We are a small team and we make it our business to know every Landlord, every Tenant and every property, inside out.

What does the 10% property management consist of?

All the paperwork – contracts, inventories, renewals, property checks and inspections. For both landlords and tenants – no extras and definitely no so-called admin charges.

Why is Right Estate Agents different to any other letting agent?

We are different because we do not subcontract anything out, so we know all of our properties and visit them regularly so we can sort out any issues immediately. We do not mark up any maintenance nor are there any hidden costs. We believe we are the best value letting agent in Oxfordshire today.